Welcome to our House

For decades we’ve documented the complaints and problems with the existing categories of customized hardware suppliers… and solved them all, to reinvent a new and different category of superlative bespoke hardware products and concierge service.

And this is why we are here today.

The House of Bellagio Hardware

Bellagio was founded in order to provide a superlative quality of concierge service unrivaled the world over.
We are a new and different category of bespoke hardware and customer support.

Categorically Royal

Our international reputation is due to decades of research and development. Addressing every problem in existing categories of bespoke hardware and solving those problems puts Bellagio in it’s own unique category.

Uniquely Bespoke

When it comes to design, your tastes are as unique as you are. From concept to installation, our customer experience creates a merger of personality and living space unparalleled in the hardware industry today.

Touch Luxury

Every time you open or close a door, drawer or window, you’ll be reminded of how uniquely personal customized luxury ownership can be.


Our master craftsmen hand tool every piece from the finest substances of your choosing, blending old world traditions with modern appeal.